Thought of the day
4/30/2019 7:27:24 AM

Thought Of the Day


"So that everyone who believes in him may have eternal life"

My Lord, God, You have led me by a long, dark path, Rocky and hard. Often my strength threatened to fail me. I almost lost all hope of seeing the light. But when my heart grew numb with deepest grief, A clear star rose for me. Steadfast it guided me- I followed, At first reluctant, but more confidently later. At last I stood at Church's gate. It opened. I sought admission. From your priest's mouth Your blessing greets me. Within me stars are strung like pearls. Red blossom stars show me the path to You. They wait for you at Holy Night. But your goodness Allows them to illuminate my path to You. They lead me on. The secret which I had to keep in hiding Deep in my heart, Now I can shout it out: I believe-I profess! The priest accompanies me to the altar: I bend my face- Holy water flows over my head. Lord, is it possible that someone who is past Midlife can be reborn (Jn 3:4)? You said so, and for me it was fulfilled, A long life's burden of guilt and suffering Fell away from me. Erect I receive the white cloak, Which they place round my shoulders, Radiant image of purity! In my hand I hold a candle. Its flame makes known That deep within me glows your holy life. My heart has become your manger, Awaiting you, But not for long! Maria, your mother and also mine Has given me her name. At midnight she will place her newborn child Into my heart. Ah, no one's heart can fathom, What you've in store for those who love you (1Cor 2:9). Now you are mine, and I won't let you go. Wherever my life's road may lead, You are with me. Nothing can ever part me from your love (Rm 8:39).