Thought of the day
4/22/2019 6:51:24 AM

Behold, Jesus met them on their way



At dawn you were mourned By women bearing spices, Grant that my heart may also shed Tears of fire for your burning love. By grace of the angel's tidings Shouted from the pinnacle of the rock (Mt 28,2), Let me hear the last trumpet sound Proclaiming the resurrection. With your body born of a Virgin You were raised from a tomb, virgin and new, You became for us the firstfruits And firstborn from the dead As for me, bound by the Foe With the evil of bodily sin, Set me free once more As you have freed souls in the dwelling of the dead (1Pt 3:19). You revealed yourself in the garden To Mary Magdalene, But have not consented to approach One who is yet part of a fallen race. Show yourself also to me on the eighth day, At the great and final dawn; And graciously grant my unworthy soul To draw near you at that time.