Thought of the day
9/27/2020 6:43:19 AM

Thought Of the Day


Go out from sin and enter the Kingdom of God

My brethren, this is the time for each one of us to go out, for our part, from the place our sin. Let us go out from our Babylon to meet God our Savior, as the prophet warns us: "Prepare to meet God our Savior, O Israel, for he comes!" (cf Am 4:12). Let us leave the depth of our sin and consent to set out towards the Lord, who assumed "the likeness of our sinful flesh" (cf Rm 8:3). Let us leave sin's will and set out to do penance for our sins. Then we shall find Christ: he himself made expiation for the sin he had certainly not committed. Then he who saves the repentant will grant us salvation: "He shows mercy to those who are converted" (Sir 12:3). But you are going to say to me (…): "Who is able to depart from sin by himself?" Indeed, it is true, the greatest sin is the love of sin, the desire to sin. Therefore, leave this desire (…), hate sin and see yourself departed from sin. If you hate sin, you have met Christ where he is to be found. To whoever hates sin, (…) Christ forgives their fault while waiting to root out our evil habits. But you will say that even this is a great deal for you and that, without the grace of God, it is impossible to hate ones sin and desire justice: "Let them thank the Lord for his mercy, such wondrous deeds for the children of Adam!" (Ps 106[107]:8). (…) O Lord, with a mighty hand, Jesus all-powerful, come to free my captive reason from the demon of ignorance and snatch my sick will from the plague of its lusts. Free my capacities so that I may act with strength as I desire to do with all my heart.