Thought of the day
4/12/2019 6:03:17 AM

Thought of the Day


"They tried again to arrest him; but he escaped from their power"

As the wings of doves over their nestlings… So also are the wings of the Spirit over my heart. My heart continually refreshes itself and leaps for joy Like the babe who leaps for joy in his mother’s womb. I trusted, consequently I was at rest; because trustful is he in whom I trusted. He has greatly blessed me, and my head is with him. And the dagger shall not divide me from him, nor the sword . Because I am ready before destruction comes, and have been placed in his incorruptible arms. And immortal life embraced me and kissed me. And from that (life) is the Spirit which is within me. And it cannot die because it is life. [Christ speaks:] Those who saw me were amazed, because I was persecuted. And they thought that I had been swallowed up, because I appeared to them as one of the lost. But my defamation became my salvation. And I became their abomination, because there was no jealousy in me. Because I continually did good to every man I was hated. And they surrounded me like mad dogs (Ps 22[21]:17) those who in stupidity attack their masters. Because their mind is depraved, and their sense is perverted. But I was carrying water in my right hand, and their bitterness I endured by my sweetness. And I did not perish, because I was not their brother, nor was my birth like theirs. And they sought my death but were unsuccessful because I was older than their memory. And in vain did they cast their lots against me. And those who were after me Sought in vain to destroy the memorial of him Who was before them. Because the mind of the Most High cannot be surpassed And his heart is superior to all wisdom. Hallelujah!