Thought of the day
3/23/2020 6:07:49 AM

Thought Of the Day


"Unless you people see signs and wonders, you will not believe?"

“Whoever examines the majesty of God will be crushed by his glory” (Prv 25:27 Vg). God can do works that pass man's understanding. (...) Faith is required of you and sincerity of life; not high intelligence, nor penetrating knowledge of the mysteries of God. If you do not understand nor grasp what is below you, how will you comprehend what is above you? Be subject to God, submit your feeling to the faith, and the light of knowledge will be given to you as much as you need and can use. Some have grave temptations concerning faith and sacrament; which are not to be imputed to them, but rather to the enemy. Take no notice, do not argue with your thoughts, nor answer the doubts with which the devil attacks you; believe God's word, believe his saints and prophets, and the wicked enemy will be routed. It is often most profitable to God's servant to endure such things. For the devil does not tempt the infidel or sinner, of whom he has already secure possession; but he uses various means to tempt and harass the devout faithful. Go on then with simple unquestioning faith, and approach the Sacrament with reverent beseeching. Anything you cannot understand, commit it surely to God who is omnipotent. God does not deceive you; the over-confident person deceives himself. God walks in step with the simple ones, He shows himself to the humble ones, He grants understanding to the little ones; “He reveals hidden meanings to little ones” and hides away his grace from the inquisitive and the proud. Human reason is feeble and fallible; but true faith cannot be deceived. All use of reason, all human inquiry should walk in the footsteps of faith; it should not go on in front of it nor call it in question.