Thought of the day
3/22/2020 5:53:48 AM

Thought Of the Day


"He went and washed, and he returned seeing"

All-powerful God, Benefactor and Creator of the universe, hearken to my groaning in my peril. Deliver me from fear and anguish; free me by the strength of your might, you who can do all… O Lord Christ, cut the threads of my net with the sword of your triumphant cross, with the weapon of life. This net encompasses me on every side, holding me captive so as to bring me to my death; Guide to their rest my tottering and unsteady steps; heal the stifling fever of my heart. I stand guilty before you: take away from me my distress, the devil’s ploy; remove the darkness of my anguished soul… Renew in my soul the light-filled image of the glory of your name, so great and so powerful. Intensify the brilliance of your grace upon the beauty of my face and on the image of the eyes of my spirit, I who am born of the earth (Gn 2:7). Let my darkness vanish in a radiant purity, sinner that I am. Drown my soul in your living, eternal, heavenly divine light so that the likeness of God the Trinity may increase within me. You alone, O Christ, are blessed, together with the Father for the praise of your Holy Spirit for endless ages. Amen.