Thought of the day
12/9/2020 6:41:39 AM

Thought Of the Day


"Come to me (…) for I am meek and humble of heart"

The third coming of Christ our Bridegroom which is still in the future, is that which will occur at the Judgement or at the hour of death (…) The justice of the Judge lies in the fact that it is Christ to whom the judgement and the verdict belong, for he is the Son of Man and the wisdom of the Father, a wisdom to whom all judgement belongs. To this wisdom all hearts are open and manifest, whether they are in heaven, on earth or in hell (…) The means with which Christ, our bridegroom and judge, makes use at this judgement consist in rewarding and punishing with justice, for he gives to all according to their merits. On the good, and for each good deed carried out in God, he bestows the measureless reward of himself, unmerited by any creature. For indeed, since it is he who collaborates in each of the creature's works, it is all thanks to his power that the creature merits Christ himself as reward in all justice (…) The first coming, namely, when God became a human being, lived humbly, and died out of love for us, is one which we should imitate exteriorly through the perfect practice of the virtues and interiorly through charity and genuine humility. The second coming, which is in the present and which takes place when Christ comes with his graces into every loving heart, is one which we should desire and pray for every day, so that we might persevere and progress in new virtues. The third coming, at the Judgment or at the hour of our death, is one which we should await with longing, confidence, and awe, so that we might be released from this present misery and enter the palace of glory.