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11/13/2019 6:42:36 AM

Thought Of the Day


"Is there none but this foreigner?"

How happy was that Samaritan leper who recognised that “he possessed nothing he had not received” (1Cor 4:7). “He guarded what had been entrusted to him” (2 Tm 1:12) and turned back to the Lord to thank him. Blessed are they who, after each gift of grace, turn back to him in whom is the fullness of all the graces, for if we show ourselves thankful in regard to him for all we have received, then we make ready a place for grace within ourselves... in even greater abundance. In fact our ingratitude is the only thing that prevents us making progress following our conversion... Happy, then, are they who think of themselves as strangers and who give great thanks for even the least blessing, thinking that everything given to a stranger and foreigner is a wholly free gift. How unfortunate and wretched we are, on the other hand, if after first of all appearing timid, humble and pious we then forget just how freely given is what we have received...