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10/18/2020 5:40:23 AM

On fulfilling ones duties


Saint Claude la Colombière (1641-1682)


Christian reflexions (The spiritual direction of Saint Claude de la Colombière, trans. Mother M. Philip IBVM, Ignatius press 1998, pp. 93-95)

On fulfilling ones duties

The good order of things in this world depends upon the fidelity with which each person performs the duties of their state of life. All disorder originates in negligence upon this point. What a grand thing it would be if all acquitted themselves of their duties! It is perhaps the thing that is most neglected even among pious people, indeed probably more often among those than among others. Yet people do not accuse themselves of it. (…) People who neglect the duties of their state are discordant voices in the harmony of the world, no matter what else they do. (…) In choosing a state of life, the human advantages are considered but not the duties. It is impossible to neglect these duties without harming others. And as God has their interests at heart even more than his own, such neglect is very dangerous. (…) Sins of omission on this point are easily committed. They are hardly noticed, and consequently reparation is rarely made for them. These are sins that are committed by doing nothing; sins that do not consist in bad actions but which are often the consequence of some good work. By neglecting your duties, you condemn both yourself and others to punishment: others because you so not teach their duty and make them fulfil it; and yourself because you do not fulfil your own.