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9/20/2020 6:13:25 AM

Thought Of the Day


"You too go into my vineyard"

It is very obvious that this parable is considering people's conversion to God: some from their youth, others a little later and, finally, some only in old age. Christ rebukes the pride of the first to be called to stop them criticizing those called at the eleventh hour by showing them that payment is the same for all. At the same time, he stirs up the enthusiasm of the latter by showing them they can win the same wage as the former. Our Savior has just been talking about the renunciation of wealth, disdain for possessions and those virtues that demand bigheartedness and courage. For this he needs to stir up the ardor of a youthful soul and so our Lord sets the flame of charity alight in them and strengthens their courage by showing them that even those who arrived last receive a full day's wages (…) To put it more clearly: some of them might have taken advantage of it and fallen into indifference and carelessness. But the disciples will clearly see that this generosity is a result of God's mercy, which alone bears them up to merit so magnificent a reward (…) All Jesus' parables – the virgins, the net, the thorns, the barren tree – call on us to show our virtue in our deeds (…) He is exhorting us to a pure and holy life. A holy life demands more from our hearts than simple purity of faith for it is a continual struggle, a tireless labor.