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2/8/2021 6:05:58 AM

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Saint Gregory the Great (c.540-604)

Pope, Doctor of the Church

Commentary on Psalm 50[51] ; PL 75, 581

Follow Christ

Let us set before our interior consideration someone gravely wounded who is about to breathe his last. (…) Now, the soul’s wound is sin, of which Scripture speaks in these terms: “Wound and welt and gaping gash, not drained or bandaged or eased with salve” (Is 1:6). Oh you who are wounded, recognize your physician within you and show him the wounds of your sins. May he understand your heart’s groaning who already knows its secret thoughts. May your tears move him. Go as far as a little shamelessness in your beseeching (cf. Lk 11:8). Bring forth deep sighs to him without ceasing from the depth of your heart. May your grief reach him so that he may say to you also : “The Lord has pardoned your sin” (2 Sam 12:13). Cry out with David, who said: “Have mercy on me, O God, in (…) the greatness of your compassion” (Ps 50[51]:3). It is as though one were to say: “I am in great danger because of an enormous wound that no doctor can cure unless the all-powerful physician comes to help me.” For this all-powerful physician nothing is incurable. He heals without charge: with one word he restores to health. I would have despaired of my wound were it not that I placed my trust in the Almighty.