Thought of the day
6/3/2024 5:46:52 AM

He had one other to send, a beloved son. He sent him to them last of all



God had created man in his own image and likeness (Gn 1,26) and judged him worthy of knowing him himself; he set him above all the animals by the gift of intellect, gave him a place in the enjoyment of the incomparable joys of Paradise and, finally, made him lord over everything to be found on earth. Nevertheless, when he saw him falling into sin, led astray by the serpent, and through sin into death and the sufferings that precede it, he did not reject him. To the contrary, he gave him first of all the help of his Law, set angels apart to keep and watch over him, sent prophets to rebuke his wickedness and teach him virtue... When, in spite of these and yet many other graces, people persisted in their disobedience, he did not turn away from them. When we had offended against our benefactor by our indifference before these signs of his care, we were not abandoned by the Lord's goodness nor cut off from his love but were drawn out of death and restored to life by our Lord Jesus Christ. And the way in which we have been saved is worthy of even greater admiration: “Though he was God he did not regard his equality with God something to be jealously guarded, but he humbled himself even to taking the condition of a slave” (cf. Phil 2,6-7). “He bore our infirmities, he endured our sufferings, he was stricken for our sakes” that he might save us by his wounds (Is 53,4-5). He “ransomed us from the curse by becoming a curse for us” (Gal 3,13). He suffered the most degrading of deaths to lead us to the life of glory. Nor was it enough for him to restore life to the dead; he reclothed them with divine honor and prepared a happiness for them in the eternal repose that surpasses all human imagination. “How shall we make a return to the Lord” for all he has given us? (Ps 116[115],12). He is so good that he asks for nothing in return for his blessings: he is content to be loved.